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Mobile plans and options

Does my option « Budget control » (Option Gestion de budget) work abroad?

Yes, under the condition of connecting to the networks of our roaming partners. (The CAMEL networks that allow real time charging. On other networks, we cannot guarantee that the budget control service will work, resulting in potential costs off-plan.)

Plan to go abroad? Please contact our Customer Care Service to discover who our roaming partners are for your destination. Please visit: for contact details. 


You can also check the CAMEL networks lists below:

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Can I purchase my SIM card online?

Yes you are able to order your SIM card online by visiting our website and clicking on mobile. Once you have chosen your tariff plan you can determine the compatible SIM card for your telephone. You are even able to add different options to your tariff plan to benefit from our most advantageous prices. 

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Is it possible to carry over unused voice minutes, SMS & datas to the next month?

No. The unused calling (voice) minutes, SMS & datas (Internet) included in your monthly plan will not be carried over to the next month.

Additional minutes of call (voice) purchased in bundles "national calls and calls to Europe" can be activated for ea specified period with validity of 1 month (bundle Small) or 3 months (bundles Medium, Large, X-Large and XX-Large).

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Phones & Devices

What is the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR)?

What is the SAR?

The SAR (specific absorption rate) is an indicator of the amount of energy transported by radiofrequency waves absorbed by the mobile phone user.

The value SAR indicates the maximum exposure that the device may produce. The unit of SAR is watts per kilogram (W/kg). Within the European Union, the limit for a GSM is 2 W/kg.

SAR values are classified by category. These are indicated next to each of our devices offered for sale:

CATEGORY A: SAR values lower than 0.4 W / kg

CATEGORY B: SAR values equal to or higher than 0,4 W/kg but lower than 0,8 W/kg

CATEGORY C: SAR values equal to or higher than 0,8 W/kg but lower than 1,2 W/kg

CATEGORY D: regarding SAR values equal to or higher than 1,2 W/kg but lower than 1,6 W/kg

CATEGORY E: regarding SAR values equal to or higher than 1,6 W/kg but lower than or equal to 2 W/kg

Take care of your health - use your cell phone in moderation, prefer the use of a headset and choose a device with a weak SAR value.

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Products Internet & Internet@Home

How to release emails that have been detected as spam?

In order to release emails detected as spam, you need to:

  • Go to spam management console (from your Join MS web desktop)
  • Click on Spam Quarantine
  • Find the affected email, select it, choose action to be applied (release) and click Apply
  • This will release email from spam quarantine.
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What is the difference between INTERNET FIXE and INTERNET@HOME?

INTERNET FIXE needs to be connected to a fixed line in your home. INTERNET@HOME does not need a fixed line connection. The Wiizbox connects immediately to our 4G mobile network. When subscribing to a INTERNET@HOME ffer, you get a free SIM card with national 300 MB data per month.

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Do I need eligible Fibre or VDSL to get an Internet connection with INTERNET@Home offer?

INTERNET@Home is a 4G mobile network, so you do not need a Fibre or VDSL connection to access the most powerful highspeed Internet.

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Do I get any benefits with INTERNET@Home?

Yes, when you have a Flat 4G mobile subscription, you can benefit from our Family card offers, however you are NOT entitled to unlimited data. INTERNET@Home tariffs (S, M) always include a 12 month free subscription for the Cloud for the Crowd. For further information about our included offers and our family card prices visit or contact our call centre: +352 671 009 009 

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With INTERNET@Home can I connect a fixed phone line?

Yes, you can add a fixed phone line (VoIP) to your INTERNET@Home tariff plan. Discover our Fixed Phone VoIP option, which includes calls to fixed lines and mobile numbers in Luxembourg, and to fixed lines in the Europe zone on under Fixed Phone VoIP option details or contact our call centre: +352 671 009 009.

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Can I change or upgrade my FIX INTERNET and INTERNET@Home tariff plan in the future?

To upgrade or change your FIX INTERNET or INTERNET@Home tariff plan contact our call center at +352 671 009 009 or come to one of our Experience Centers.  

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With my INTERNET@Home or INTERNET can I add additional options to my tariff plan?

Yes, with your INTERNET@Home or FIX INTERNET you can add an additional Fixe VoIP option for 9,99€ per month. This includes 1000 minutes from a fixed line to a fixed line and a mobile national line. It also includes free fix calls within the Europe zone 1.

You can add a further option for 9,99€ per month to call from a fixed line to a fixed line within the Europe zone 2 and 3. 

You can also add an additional upgrade of 10GB for 10€ per month (12-month subscription) on your INTERNET@Home subscriptionn.

 For further information visit or contact our call center: +352 671 009 009.

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What are the advantages of fibre optics?

The bandwidth potential of fibre optics is vastly superior to copper pairs. In contrast to ADSL, fibre optic signals do not deteriorate over distance (from the ADSL connection to the telephone exchange). Therefore, you can benefit from a very high bandwidth transmission, for outgoing and incoming data. Furthermore, fibre optics are not effected by electromagnetic interference. If you decide for a small bandwidth based on fibre optics today, you can easily upgrade your product to highest speed at any time.

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Is it possible to enjoy the INTERNET FIXE without signing a fixed line subscription?

At JOIN you can enjoy high speed Internet access without signing a fixed subscription.

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LTE@Home Offer Belgium
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How is the fibre optic installed in the building?

After signing your contract, a technician will come to install your fibre optic connection. This means he will install an optical termination device at the closest connection point in your home to connect your Wiizbox via Ethernet/LAN. If you do not have a proper in-house cabling, JOIN is able to support you. However, this support will be charged.

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Are broadband services that pass through the same fibre optic cable likely to disrupt each other?

No, not in any circumstances. This is a distinct advantage of fibre optics.

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What if I need more volume per month?

If you need more volume, you can add an additional 50GB at a price of 4.99€ per month.

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Who owns Wiizbox?

The WiizBox is not part of the subscription Broadband@Home. The rental price of the Wiizbox, our Wifi modem is 6,99 € per month.

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What speeds are available with the INTERNET FIXE offers?

INTERNET FIXE offers achieve speed from 30Mbps up to 1 Gbps.

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Banana sim: the prepaid plan

I currently use a Banana prepaid card. Should I identify myself immediately?

Yes, if you did not already, please do so on (you will need a valid ID). We will remind you anyway before 1 February 2017.

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Cloud and apps products

What username and Password should I use to connect to the "JOIN OX Drive" mobile App?

To connect to the "JOIN OX Drive' App you need to use as username, the email address you use in your Join OX portal and as password, the password you use to connect to MyJoin.

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I deleted all the mailbox content. Is it possible to restore it?

Please search for these deleted emails in Deleted folder or try to recover them with Recover Deleted Items option. If you can't find them, they are lost and we are unable to retrieve them.

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What are the sending limits for Exchange 2013?

The maximum allowed number of recipients for Exchange accounts is 20. This means that any email sent will allow a combined total of 20 recipients (To: CC: BCC).

Please note that we also have in place a throttling policy that is as follows:

  • Max Throttling per Minute = 25
  • Max Throttling per Hour = 500
  • Max Throttling per Day = 1000
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I am getting email messages with Synchronization Logs. How can I solve this?

Sync issues are almost always due to locally installed plugins, errors on local disk, etc.

Please check some documentation available online on this type of sync issues. For example:

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Can I remotely wipe my mobile phone using Outlook Web Access (OWA)?

Yes, it is possible to wipe your mobile phone through OWA. This option is very useful in cases when you lose your phone or it is stolen. Please note that your Exchange account has to be configured on the device you want to wipe. In order to wipe your mobile device through OWA, you need to login to Outlook Web Access. Go to Options, then Phones. Select the relevant device, and click on Wipe Device. This will initiate a secure wipe as soon as the device has an internet connection and checks in with Exchange.

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What is the maximum allowed number of devices to connect to Hosted Exchange account?

There is a maximum of 10 devices you can connect to your Hosted Exchange account. These are so called partnerships. After you reach the maximum, you can’t create additional partnerships until you delete existing ones from your account. In order to delete some of the partnerships, you need to go to Outlook Web Access. Go to Options and Phones. You will see the list of devices connected to your Exchange account. You can remove the ones not in use by selecting the device and clicking on "Remove Device from List".

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Email Folders missing on Android (Sync with MS Exchange Server). What can I do?

 Some Exchange folders that were migrated from a previous version of Exchange aren't compatible on Android devices. Try changing the name of the problem folder to <name>-old, creating a new folder with the desired name, moving all your emails to it, and then deleting the problem folder.

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What is the URL for directly accessing OWA (Outlook Web Access) for my Exchange account?

The URL for Exchange 2013 account direct login is:


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How do I configure Hosted Exchange on my Android phone (ActiveSync)?

To set up a new email account:

  • Tap on the Email icon and enter the following information
  • Email address; Password and tap on the Next button.
  • Select Exchange account.
  • Specify the Exchange server settings.
  • Domain\Username: Type NetBIOS name of Windows domain and your Windows user name CMSLG\username and the password.
  • Server: Enter name of the ActiveSync server
  • Select the Use secure connection (SSL) checkbox.
  • Leave the Accept all SSL certificates checkbox clear and tap on the Next button.
  • Specify the following account options (you can use the default values or specify the custom ones)
  • Email checking frequency (Automatic (Push)/Never/Every 5 minutes/Every 10 minutes/Every 15 minutes/Every 30 minutes).
  • Amount to synchronize (One day/Three days/One week/Two weeks/One month).
  • Sent email from this account by default (Yes/No).
  • Notify me when email arrives (Yes/No).
  • Sync contacts from this account (Yes/No)
  • Tap on the Next button and specify an account name (optional) and your name.
  • Tap on the Done button to complete the configuration procedure.
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How do I configure Hosted Exchange on my iPhone, iPad or iPod (ActiveSync)?

To set up a new email account:

  • Tap Settings, then Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account > Microsoft Exchange from the device's home screen.
  • On the Exchange screen enter your e-mail address
  • Domain: If this field exists leave this field blank.
  • Username: Type your user e-mail address.
  • Password: Type your password.
  • Description: Enter account description
  • Tap Next on the upper right corner of the screen. Your device will now try to locate your Exchange server using Microsoft's Autodiscovery service. If the server cannot be located, server name needs to be entered manually (
  • Enter server name and tap Next.
  • Server: Enter name of the ActiveSync server
  • Choose which type(s) of data you would like to synchronize: Mail, Contacts, and Calendars. Note that by default, only 3 days' worth of email is synchronized. To synchronize more, go into Settings, then Mail, Contacts, Calendars, select your Exchange account, and tap on Mail days to sync.
  • Tap Save. If you're prompted to create a new passcode, tap Continue and enter a numeric passcode. You'll need to enter the passcode twice.
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How do I configure Hosted Exchange on my Windows phone (ActiveSync)?

To set up a new email account:

  • Select Settings and then email + accounts.
  • Select the option to add an account.
  • Select the option to add an Outlook account.
  • Enter in your full email address and the password and tap Sign-in.
  • Windows Phone will then attempt to determine the correct settings to use automatically. If it is not able to do so, you will be prompted to fill in the rest of the information manually.
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How do I configure Hosted Exchange on my Open Outlook for Mac?

Please follow the steps:

  • Open Tools > Accounts
  • On the displayed page click on the + sign in the bottom left corner and then click on Exchange
  • Enter your e-mail address in the E-mail address field.
  • In the Method drop-down select User Name and Password.
  • Enter your e-mail address in the Username field and the password in the Password field.
  • Make sure that the Configure automatically checkbox is checked.
  • Click Add Account.
  • If the Outlook was redirected to the server... request will be displayed, check the Always use my response for this server checkbox and click the Allow button.

Enter your name in the Account description field

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How do I configure Hosted Exchange on my Outlook client?

Outlook 2007/2010/2013 client supports Autodiscovery feature that requires entering just your mailbox e-mail address and password and get connection to your mailbox automatically configured. Follow the steps to configure your profile:

  • Go to Control Panel > Mail. Mail Setup dialog appears.
  • Click Show Profiles button. Mail dialog appears.
  • Make sure Prompt for a profile to be used option is selected and click Add button.
  • Enter Profile Name in the dialog and press OK.
  • In the Add New E-mail Account wizard fill Your Name and E-mail Address fields.
  • In the Exchange login prompt enter your mailbox login (e-mail) and password.
  • Outlook will try to discover your mailbox settings over secure internet connection. You could be prompted to allow Outlook to perform redirection from one site (unsecure) to another (secure). Allow this redirection.
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What do I get with my current CakeMail plan included in Join MS webdesktop?

With your current CakeMail plan you can have up to 1000 contacts and send up to 10000 emails per month. This means that if you have 1000 contacts and send email to all of them at one time, you are using 1000 emails of the total of 10000. But if you send it to 600 contacts, you use only 600 mails out of the total. It is possible to check how many are left in the CakeMail account.

If you need a bigger plan with more contacts and larger email limit, you can upgrade your CakeMail plan from your myJOIN portal.

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How can I benefit from CakeMail application?

CakeMail is user-friendly online email marketing tool solution. It allows you to build and send professional-looking email campaigns in just a few minutes and track their results.


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"Access Denied" error received during some of the backups. What can be done?

This is a known issue when the encrypted files/folders are skipped with “Access Denied” error in the product. Our software does not support backup of encrypted files as it needs to read these files on a binary level and this is not possible when files are encrypted.

As workaround you can disable the encryption for the folders/files.

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How can I automatically and regularly back up files on my PC?

BackupAgent client can automatically initiate backup sessions. You simply need to setup the scheduled backup task in the BackupAgent client settings. (Please see the user manual for BackupAgent client). After this, backup will automatically start as per defined configuration.

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Can I backup my Hosted Exchange mailbox with your BackupAgent solution?

No. BackupAgent desktop edition which we currently provide does not allow mailbox backups.

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How much online backup space do I need?

The result of a simple add up of the "size on disk" for your most important folders will provide you with an idea of the required storage and allow you to choose the appropriate BackupAgent plan.

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Are my backed up data files private?

Yes. Upon installing the BackupAgent client you will be required to enter an encryption key. This key is ONLY known by you. Without this, your data is not available to you or anyone else.


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Where can I find more information on BackupAgent client?

Please check the BackupAgent client user manual for step-by-step instructions on client configuration:


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Where do I get the BackupAgent client from?

When you access BackupAgent management console from your Join MS webdesktop, you will see the client download link next to “Download the Software”.

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What do the Sender/Recipient Whitelist/Blacklist terms mean?
  • Sender Whitelist/Blacklist - This refers to lists of email addresses/domains of people sending mail to the user. Sender Whitelist (normally available at domain level)

 All filtering checks are disabled for whitelisted senders. You can whitelist a specific sending email address, or a full sending domain. We recommend only using the sender whitelist if the system would otherwise wrongly block email from a certain sender. Spammers often use fake senders matching the recipient domain, or domains the recipient may have received emails from before, to try and bypass the filtering in that way. In addition, if the system is generally wrongly blocking a sender, you can always contact our customer support so we can research what problem is causing the rejection and resolve that issue.

  •  Sender Blacklist (normally available at domain level)

 Emails from senders listed on the blacklist will be automatically rejected. The messages are NOT quarantined. The messages are rejected with a 5xx SMTP error code, so legitimate sending SMTP servers will generate a bounce message to the sender.

  •  Recipient Whitelist/Blacklist - This refers to lists of email addresses / domains of people to whom mail is sent. Recipient Whitelist (normally available at domain level and email level)

 Filter checks are disabled for listed addresses; Email directed to whitelisted recipients will bypass all filters. Recommendation is to use only for exceptional cases such as abuse@ or postmaster@.

  •  Recipient Blacklist (normally available at domain level)

 Emails to recipients listed on the recipient blacklist will be automatically rejected. The messages are NOT quarantined. The messages are rejected with a 5xx SMTP error code, so legitimate sending SMTP servers will generate a bounce message to the sender.

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How can I map a network drive to the SharePoint 2013?
  • Open Windows Explorer.
  • Right-click My Computer and then click Map Network Drive.
  • Enter the URL of the SharePoint in the Folder box.
  • Click Finish. The drive appears in the list under Computer. The folders containing the files that SharePoint uses are listed when you expand the node for the drive.
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How can I configure Join OX mailbox on my phone? (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone)
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How can I send files from my OX Drive as E-Mail attachments?

You can send the current version as an E-Mail attachment. You can send the current versions of multiple files at one time as E-Mail attachments.

  • Click on a file in the detail view. In the pop-up, click the More icon. Click on Send by mail in the menu.
  • You can also select one or several files. Click the More icon in the toolbar. Click on Send by mail in the menu.

Note: Depending on the server configuration, you might not be able to send files by E-Mail, if they exceed a certain file size. In this case, use the function for sending them as link.

  • Complete all data for sending the E-Mail on the Compose new E-Mail page.
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How to display a file's content in Join OX Drive?
  • Open a folder containing files, in the folder tree.
  • Click on a file in the detail view. In the popup, click on Open. If having selected a document, click on View in the popup. You can also click on the document's preview.
  • Depending on the file's content, the result varies:
  • Plain text files and images in common file formats are directly displayed in the browser.
  • Documents are displayed in the Document Viewer.
  • For other files a system window opens that allows to download the file.


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How can I create a new contact in my Join OX?
  • Open an address book in the folder tree.
  • Click on New in the toolbar. Click on Add contact. Enter the data.
  • To add an attachment to the contact, click on Upload file below Attachments. Select one or multiple files. In order to remove an attachment, click the Delete icon.

           Tip: You can also add an attachment by dragging a document from a file browser or    from the desktop to the contact window and dropping it there.

Click on Save.


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What is the “Permanently delete” option in Mail section?

You can permanently delete E-Mail messages from the trash. Permanently deleted E-Mail messages are irrevocably lost. If you enable the E-Mail settings option “Permanently remove deleted emails” you will not be able to recover deleted E-Mail messages. It is recommended that you not use this setting.

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How to display an Email?
  • Open an E-Mail folder in the folder tree.
  • In order to quickly find a particular E-Mail, use one of the following methods:
  • To find E-Mails by entering a search term, use the search function.
  • To sort the E-Mail list, click on Sort by above the list. Select a sort criterion from the menu.
  • To combine all E-Mails of a conversation in a single list entry, enable the Conversations checkbox in Sort by.
  • Click an E-Mail in the list. The content of the E-Mail will be displayed in the detail view. If the E-Mail is part of a conversation, all E-Mails in the conversation are displayed one below the other.

Note: Depending on the server configuration, very large E-Mails are not displayed completely. In this case, you will receive an E-Mail with a link. In order to completely display the E-Mail, click on the link.

           If you selected List from the View drop-down in the toolbar, the list is replaced by the             detail view of the selected E-Mail. In this case the following functions are available above the detail view.

  • To open the list again, click on the button or the Back icon.
  • To display the next E-Mail, click the View next icon.
  • To display the previous E-Mail, click the View previous icon.
  • When having selected vertical or compact from the View drop-down in the toolbar, you can open an E-Mail in a separate window by double-clicking on the E-Mail in the list.
  • If a conversation is displayed, you can open or close a single E-Mail in the detail view by clicking on a free area between the sender and the date of receipt.
  • To open or close all E-Mails in the conversation, click the Open/close all messages icon on the top right corner of the detail view.
  • If the E-Mail includes a quote from a previous E-Mail, you can display the quote by clicking the Show quoted text icon.
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