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General questions

How to activate the call forward on my IPhone?

On your Home screen, touch Settings


Press Phone


Press Call Forward


Enable option and enter your phone number


Enter the phone number to which you want to forward your calls, and then press <Call Forwarding

Your calls will now be forwarded to that number.



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You must complete the following steps to claim your refund:

  1. Contact LALUX insurance at +35247616640 or by e-mail: and send your damaged phone for repair in a JOIN shop.
  2. You will receive the documents to be filled in from LALUX. You will have to fill them in, add a copy of the invoice of the purchase of the phone and send it back to LALUX.
  3. Once the repair quote is received, you will have to sign it at the shop of deposit or by mail.
  4. As soon as the phone is returning from repair, the shop will contact you. The repair invoice must be paid at the shop.
  5. After payment, you can ask for your refund at the insurer LALUX by sending proof of payment.
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Premium SMS: ho much you coud pay

Some call them premium sms, pay, premiums or special numbers. Join does not set the prices of paid SMS and special numbers but the service provider that manages the short number.

Below is a list of maximum tariffs affected by SMS.


Fee schedules for paid sms

  • All sms to 8xxx numbers will always be free.
  • Some services will charge you for sending and receiving sms.
Number  Maximum Rate Type of Service
2xxx Max. € 1,00 /SMS General services
3xxx Max. € 4,00 /SMS General services
4xxx Max. € 31,00 /SMS Payment Services
5xxx Max. € 0,50 / SMS Services for games, logos, ringtones, etc.
6xxx Max. € 2,00 /SMS Services for games, logos, ringtones, etc.
7xxx Max. € 4,00 /SMS Erotic services (18+)
8xxx Free Free services
9xxx € 2,00 par SMS envoyé et reçu

Subscription services for games, logos, ringtones, etc.

You can download the complete list of short numbers on the links below.

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What can I do if I receive unwanted commercial calls on my phone number?

Please note that you have the option to register for free at the time of the subscription of your contract and at any time on the list "do not call me any more" at: http: // /

Companies that carry out direct marketing actions will then have the obligation to delete your name and telephone number from their prospecting list and you will not be disturbed once your registration has been successfully completed.

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How to set up my smartphone or tablet?

Set up your tablet or your smartphone is too complicated? Don't worry, follow this guide and configure your device with ease

Click here and configure your device

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How to configure my smartphone or tablet?

You would like to configure your smartphone or tablet but it’s too difficult for you? Don’t worry, follow this guide and configure easily your devices.

 Click here to configure your device




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Is it possible to obtain a double SIM card for the same phone number?

It is currently not possible to obtain a dual SIM card for the same phone number, either on one or different devices.

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If I don’t have any email address, may I subscribe to JOIN offers?


You can subscribe to our offers by visiting one of our JOIN Experience Centres or by contacting our Call Centre +352 2889 9009 (Luxembourg).

You can carry out all of the different steps (from delivery to billing) by post mail.

Please note that you will be charged of €2.50 when you receive your invoice by post (paper) instead of €0.00 by email (electronic).

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Is it possible to book specific phone numbers?


It is quite possible to book a special number (eg. your birthday date - Silver number) or composed of a series of specific numbers (Gold and Platinum numbers) for your convenience. You can find the rates and conditions by following this link

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Can I keep my previous fixed line phone number?

With JOIN’s technology, you don’t need a classical fixed phone line anymore. However, you can easily switch your existing number to the new Broadband service. Just add a voice service to your subscription and ask for number porting. It is Important to not terminate your voice service at your existing provider.

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Does JOIN propose Machine-to-Machine (M2M) services?

For those who want to maximize their investment and operational costs in IT, and enjoy the security and freedom of Cloud, JOIN will make life easier in the near future with its dedicated Cloud service.

Indeed, JOIN wants to make its customers' lives easier by providing connectivity solutions Machine to Machine (M2M), a revolutionary system that allows a group of stationary or mobile machines to exchange information with a central server.

In the fields of industry, services, finance and sustainable development, an efficient M2M connectivity makes the deployment of equipments easier and safer (logistics expertise, reinforced and secured SIM ... ), regardless the industry sector and its location.

JOIN makes the communication between machines simple and efficient.

The benefits? Optimization of investment and maintenance budgets and resources, improvement of products and ability to create new services.

With 4G, a European national communications rate, 460 roaming agreements and future management portal SIM cards, JOIN will offer a tailored M2M connectivity service soon.

A little patience.

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Can I purchase a mobile phone online together with a subscription and SIM card?

JOIN does not provide this service yet. It is only possible to request for a subscription and SIM card online when you already possess a mobile phone of your own. If you want to purchase from our selected mobile phones, you can only do this whilst visiting one of our Experience Centers. You can find a list of our stores on our contact page.

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Can I request a subscription and SIM card online without visiting one of JOIN’s Experience Centers?

JOIN allows you to request easily and fast your chosen subscription and compatible SIM card online by visiting our Mobile section or by calling the Call Center on +352 2889 9009.



Once you have selected your chosen type of subscription and SIM card you will proceed to the checkout page, where you need to fill in your personal details and where you will find the total amount of the monthly billing. Please make sure that all details are correct and that all required fields are filled in.



JOIN will review your subscription and SIM card request and will contact you shortly to give you more information about the procedure of your order and the required documents you need to send back by post. Make sure once you have received your contract by post you need to return the signed contract within 7 days.

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If I want to become a JOIN customer, can I keep my current phone number?

Changing the mobile operator does not necessarily mean changing your mobile number. If you already have a Luxembourg or Belgium number you can reach JOIN and keep your current mobile number. JOIN will take care of porting your number. If you have a number outside of Luxembourg (eg. France or Germany), you'll get, by subscribing to JOIN, a Luxembourg or Belgium phone number.

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How can I subscribe to JOIN’s offers and therefore become a customer?

To become a JOIN customer and benefit from our exclusive offers, you can apply in various ways :

1) Visit us directly at one of our Experience Centres, where one of our sellers will present you the available opportunities to you. For personal service, you can make an appointment by contacting us on + 352 2889 352 9009

2) Visit our website (, you can read about our offers here or contact our customer service on + 352 2889 352 9009.

3) Contact our Promo Line on 8002 9008, send us an email to or by send us a postal mail to 11, Rue de Bitbourg, L-1273 Luxembourg-Hamm; Luxembourg

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How can I contact JOIN?

Multiples ways exist to contact the JOIN's customer Service:

1) By email :

via our online form 



2) By phone:

Promo Line for our offers: 8002 9008 from Luxembourg

Our Call Center for any further information: 9009 (from mobile JOIN) or :

+352 2889 9009 / +352 671 009 009 


3) By post: Rue Emile Bian, 1 L-1235 Luxembourg; Luxembourg

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How can I be informed about JOIN's offers and products?

There are several ways to keep you informed of our promotional offers, products and services every day, 24h/24, 7/7:

1) Visit our website where you will find all the latest information and news about JOIN.

2) Follow us on our Facebook page “Join" to stay informed of all our exclusive offers, contests and events.

3) Visit one of our Experience Centres, every day of the week from 9am to 18pm, or make an appointment by contacting us :

4) Contact our Promo Line at 8002 9008 from Luxembourg

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What are the status and the history of the brand JOIN?

JOIN Experience is a joint venture between JOIN Wireless and POST Luxembourg Group. JOIN Wireless S.A. was founded in April 2013 by three visionary Luxembourgish entrepreneurs - Pascal Koster (former director of Tango and founder of VOXmobile, former member of the Mobistar Executive Committee), Claude Lüscher (former CEO of Tecsys and co-founder of Exigo) and Frank Fischer (former partner at Deloitte, co-founder of Exigo and founder of IT Works and Cartrust) - who have combined their skills and expertise. The JOIN vision: to become the preferred 3.0 telecommunications operator with a focus on the international markets of the future. After launching activities in January 2014 in Luxembourg, JOIN has been established in Belgium and offers personal services across Europe. 

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To which kind of public are JOIN’s offers made for?

To everyone!

JOIN Experience offers suitable products for both individuals and their families, and small and large businesses. Mobile, and soon Cloud, M2M or combined offers, JOIN proposes products and services for everyone.

Originally created for people mainly calling abroad, especially in Europe, JOIN will also shortly propose national deals at very competitive rates. Please, find our exclusive offers by following this link

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What makes JOIN different ?

JOIN Experience is a unique promise in Europe. JOIN is the first mobile network operator to offer a European tariff equal to the national rate. Whether it is an incoming or outgoing call, you can communicate freely without any unexpected surprises on your bill at the end of the month.

JOIN offers simple and transparent plans which can be adapted at any time according to your personal needs. Our basic plans are very comprehensive and if you would like to extend your options, nothing could be simpler. Moreover,  if you want to return to your initial plans, no worries ! At JOIN, anything is possible and simple to do!

Please, find our exclusive offers by following this link

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Where are the Experience Centres (shops) situated? When can I visit them?

JOIN Experience currently has several Experience Centres in Luxembourg : Luxembourg, Esch-sur-Alzette, Hamm, Ettelbrück, Cora Foetz. Real places for initiation, to encounter latest products and IT services, the Experience Centres offer discovery areas, a Customer Service, a Repair & Support Corner, and in some of them a training centre.

You can find our list of Experience Centres, contacts and opening hours by following this link:

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