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How to release emails that have been detected as spam?

In order to release emails detected as spam, you need to:

  • Go to spam management console (from your Join MS web desktop)
  • Click on Spam Quarantine
  • Find the affected email, select it, choose action to be applied (release) and click Apply
  • This will release email from spam quarantine.
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What is the difference between INTERNET FIXE and INTERNET@HOME?

INTERNET FIXE needs to be connected to a fixed line in your home. INTERNET@HOME does not need a fixed line connection. The Wiizbox connects immediately to our 4G mobile network. When subscribing to a INTERNET@HOME ffer, you get a free SIM card with national 300 MB data per month.

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Do I need eligible Fibre or VDSL to get an Internet connection with INTERNET@Home offer?

INTERNET@Home is a 4G mobile network, so you do not need a Fibre or VDSL connection to access the most powerful highspeed Internet.

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Do I get any benefits with INTERNET@Home?

Yes, when you have a Flat 4G mobile subscription, you can benefit from our Family card offers, however you are NOT entitled to unlimited data. INTERNET@Home tariffs (S, M) always include a 12 month free subscription for the Cloud for the Crowd. For further information about our included offers and our family card prices visit or contact our call centre: +352 671 009 009 

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With INTERNET@Home can I connect a fixed phone line?

Yes, you can add a fixed phone line (VoIP) to your INTERNET@Home tariff plan. Discover our Fixed Phone VoIP option, which includes calls to fixed lines and mobile numbers in Luxembourg, and to fixed lines in the Europe zone on under Fixed Phone VoIP option details or contact our call centre: +352 671 009 009.

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Can I change or upgrade my FIX INTERNET and INTERNET@Home tariff plan in the future?

To upgrade or change your FIX INTERNET or INTERNET@Home tariff plan contact our call center at +352 671 009 009 or come to one of our Experience Centers.  

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With my INTERNET@Home or INTERNET can I add additional options to my tariff plan?

Yes, with your INTERNET@Home or FIX INTERNET you can add an additional Fixe VoIP option for 9,99€ per month. This includes 1000 minutes from a fixed line to a fixed line and a mobile national line. It also includes free fix calls within the Europe zone 1.

You can add a further option for 9,99€ per month to call from a fixed line to a fixed line within the Europe zone 2 and 3. 

You can also add an additional upgrade of 10GB for 10€ per month (12-month subscription) on your INTERNET@Home subscriptionn.

 For further information visit or contact our call center: +352 671 009 009.

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What are the advantages of fibre optics?

The bandwidth potential of fibre optics is vastly superior to copper pairs. In contrast to ADSL, fibre optic signals do not deteriorate over distance (from the ADSL connection to the telephone exchange). Therefore, you can benefit from a very high bandwidth transmission, for outgoing and incoming data. Furthermore, fibre optics are not effected by electromagnetic interference. If you decide for a small bandwidth based on fibre optics today, you can easily upgrade your product to highest speed at any time.

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Is it possible to enjoy the INTERNET FIXE without signing a fixed line subscription?

At JOIN you can enjoy high speed Internet access without signing a fixed subscription.

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LTE@Home Offer Belgium
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How is the fibre optic installed in the building?

After signing your contract, a technician will come to install your fibre optic connection. This means he will install an optical termination device at the closest connection point in your home to connect your Wiizbox via Ethernet/LAN. If you do not have a proper in-house cabling, JOIN is able to support you. However, this support will be charged.

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Are broadband services that pass through the same fibre optic cable likely to disrupt each other?

No, not in any circumstances. This is a distinct advantage of fibre optics.

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What if I need more volume per month?

If you need more volume, you can add an additional 50GB at a price of 4.99€ per month.

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Who owns Wiizbox?

The WiizBox is not part of the subscription Broadband@Home. The rental price of the Wiizbox, our Wifi modem is 6,99 € per month.

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What speeds are available with the INTERNET FIXE offers?

INTERNET FIXE offers achieve speed from 30Mbps up to 1 Gbps.

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