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What is the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR)?

What is the SAR?

The SAR (specific absorption rate) is an indicator of the amount of energy transported by radiofrequency waves absorbed by the mobile phone user.

The value SAR indicates the maximum exposure that the device may produce. The unit of SAR is watts per kilogram (W/kg). Within the European Union, the limit for a GSM is 2 W/kg.

SAR values are classified by category. These are indicated next to each of our devices offered for sale:

CATEGORY A: SAR values lower than 0.4 W / kg

CATEGORY B: SAR values equal to or higher than 0,4 W/kg but lower than 0,8 W/kg

CATEGORY C: SAR values equal to or higher than 0,8 W/kg but lower than 1,2 W/kg

CATEGORY D: regarding SAR values equal to or higher than 1,2 W/kg but lower than 1,6 W/kg

CATEGORY E: regarding SAR values equal to or higher than 1,6 W/kg but lower than or equal to 2 W/kg

Take care of your health - use your cell phone in moderation, prefer the use of a headset and choose a device with a weak SAR value.

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