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Does my option « Budget control » (Option Gestion de budget) work abroad?

Yes, under the condition of connecting to the networks of our roaming partners. (The CAMEL networks that allow real time charging. On other networks, we cannot guarantee that the budget control service will work, resulting in potential costs off-plan.)

Plan to go abroad? Please contact our Customer Care Service to discover who our roaming partners are for your destination. Please visit: for contact details. 


You can also check the CAMEL networks lists below:

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Can I purchase my SIM card online?

Yes you are able to order your SIM card online by visiting our website and clicking on mobile. Once you have chosen your tariff plan you can determine the compatible SIM card for your telephone. You are even able to add different options to your tariff plan to benefit from our most advantageous prices. 

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Is it possible to carry over unused voice minutes, SMS & datas to the next month?

No. The unused calling (voice) minutes, SMS & datas (Internet) included in your monthly plan will not be carried over to the next month.

Additional minutes of call (voice) purchased in bundles "national calls and calls to Europe" can be activated for ea specified period with validity of 1 month (bundle Small) or 3 months (bundles Medium, Large, X-Large and XX-Large).

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