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In case of lost PIN and PUK code, what should I do?

In case of lost or forgotten PIN, the mobile phone will ask you to enter the PUK code (after three incorrect PIN). Just enter the PUK code received with the SIM card. You can then choose a new PIN.

Please note that after 10 incorrect PUK codes throughout the life of the SIM card, the card will be out of order and will require replacement.

In case of loss of the PUK code, please contact our Call Center at +352 671 009 009 or visit one of our shop (find the list, schedules and contacts here).

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My phone no longer works or has dysfunctions, what should I do?

Whether caused by a fall or by some unknown reason, your device may present technical failures.

In this case, the first thing to do is go to one of our Experience Centres with your device and the purchase’s invoice, to meet one of our technicians at the Support Desk. Depending on the model and the type of problem, the technician will offer you to initiate a repair on the spot, or send it directly to the manufacturer for repair.

The technical problem can be covered by the warranty, insurance or not. In every cases, JOIN will offer the best solutions to your problem.

To visit one of our Support Desks, see our page by following this link:

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May I receive my bill by paper format?

Yes. When signing your contract, JOIN offers you the opportunity to choose to receive your invoice by email (PDF) or by postal mail. Simply check and select the desired option in the contract. You can change at any time by calling our Call Center at +352 671 009 009 or by visiting one of our shop (find the list, schedules and contacts here).

Please note that you will be charged € 2.50 per month if you want to receive your invoice by paper instead of by email.

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Que faire en cas de perte d’un ou de la totalité des codes PIN et PUK ?

En cas de perte ou d’oubli du code PIN, le téléphone mobile demandera le code PUK après trois erreurs de code PIN. Il suffit d’entrer le code PUK reçu avec la carte SIM. Vous pourrez alors choisir un nouveau code PIN.

Veuillez noter qu’après 10 codes PUK erronés sur toute la durée de vie de la carte SIM, celle-ci sera hors service et il sera nécessaire la remplacer.

En cas de perte du code PUK ? Veuillez appeler notre Call Center au +352 671 009 009 ou rendez-vous dans un de nos magasins (liste, horaires et contacts ici)

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Puis-je recevoir ma facture sous format papier ?

Lors de la signature de votre contrat, JOIN vous offre la possibilité de choisir de recevoir votre facture par voie électronique (email) ou par courrier postal. Il vous suffit de cocher l’option désirée dans le contrat. Vous pouvez changer à tout moment, en appelant notre Call Center au +352 671 009 009 ou en vous rendant dans un de nos magasins (liste, horaires et contacts ici).

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